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Trees, Forests, and Sustainability in Massachusetts

In this component of the Envirothon program, teams research a current environmental issue as it occurs in their own community, then prepare a presentation on their findings and proposed solutions. Each year the Massachusetts Envirothon Committee takes the Canon Envirothon’s Current Issue and works to ensure that the topic is relevant to ALL Massachusetts communities. Wide-ranging community research is encouraged, including field study, interviews of scientists, advocates, local officials, and residents, internet and library searches, map reading, and visits to town hall.

Many teams take what they learn in their current issue research and apply it in a community action project. Any team that demonstrates high research standards in their current issue work, or applies their Envirothon learning in a service project, is eligible for an Envirothon Community Award.

At the state competition in May, the team makes a presentation of their Current Issue findings and recommendations to a panel of judges (including natural resource managers, local and state officials, environmental advocates, and others) who score them and provide helpful feedback on their knowledge, proposed solutions, and presentation skill. A highlight of the experience is the interaction between the teams and the judges when the scoring is completed. After the morning competition, teams have a chance to share their current issue research and community action projects informally at a lunchtime “roundtables” session.