Idle Reduction Signage & Materials


To help support idling reduction efforts in Massachusetts schools, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection makes Idling Reduction signs and materials available to GREEN TEAM participants.

Schools must be registered GREEN TEAM members and submit a completed Idling Reduction Signs and Materials Application Form to be considered for this assistance. The completed application form must be signed by the principal and submitted by fax to THE GREEN TEAM at the fax number on the form or scanned and emailed to

Post Idling Reduction signs in school driveways and parking lots to remind bus drivers and parents not to idle unnecessarily. Additional Idling Reduction materials available include pre-printed Idling Reduction Pledge Cards, windshield decals, bumper stickers, school bus dashboard stickers and palm cards. These are designed to raise awareness about simple ways we can help reduce air pollution around our schools and communities. Signs and materials will be shipped directly to your school.


To help us evaluate the effectiveness of THE GREEN TEAM Idling Reduction Materials Distribution Program, please complete the Idling Reduction Materials Evaluation Form and submit it by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.