Recycling and Composting Equipment Update

To help support waste reduction efforts in schools, MassDEP makes recycling and composting equipment available to registered GREEN TEAM members.

Starting in April 2023, all recycling equipment pick-ups will take place by appointment at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) State Logistics Warehouse in Franklin. Pick-up will no longer be available in Amherst or Boston.

Schools must be registered GREEN TEAM members and submit a completed Recycling Equipment Application Form to be considered for this assistance. The Recycling Equipment application form must be signed by the principal and faxed to THE GREEN TEAM at the fax number on the form or scanned and emailed to

Curbside Bin

35 Gallon CartNew Age Composter






Recycling equipment includes recycling bins, wheeled carts, compost bins, and worms for worm bins. All equipment requests are subject to availability.

Proper signage is an important part of any waste reduction program. THE GREEN TEAM has created easy-to-download signage that can be used for a variety of waste programs, including recycling, composting, share tables, and more!


THE GREEN TEAM How to Compost at School video
Video demonstrating how to compost at schools, length 4:45.


THE GREEN TEAM How to Set Up the New Age Composter
Video demonstrating how to set up the compost bin available from THE GREEN TEAM, length 6:51.


To help us evaluate the effectiveness of THE GREEN TEAM Recycling Equipment Distribution Program, please complete the  Recycling Equipment Evaluation Form and submit it by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.