We have compiled a list of useful resources below. If you know of additional organizations that you think should be added to our list, please let us know!


State & Federal Government Agencies

Organizations and Associations
  • Massachusetts Horticultural Society
    Massachusetts Horticultural Society has several programs for schools, including the Plantmobile (a traveling plant science program), field trips to The Gardens at Elm Bank, and workshops for educators.
  • Keep America Beautiful
    Keep America (KAB) Beautiful helps end littering, improve recycling, and beautify communities. KAB hosts Recycle-Bowl, which invigorates student participation in recycling through a national K-12 competition.
  • Keep Massachusetts Beautiful
    A nonprofit organization working to make Massachusetts communities clean, green, and litter-free places to live, work and play. Keep Massachusetts Beautiful offers programs to help volunteers take action to improve and beautify their own communities.
  • Secondary Materials & Recycled Textiles (SMART)
    Trade Association that promotes the reuse and recycling of used clothing, fibers, and wiping materials. Includes information and lesson plans for educators.
  • Beyond Benign
    A Massachusetts non-profit focusing on Green Chemistry education, whose vision is to revolutionize the way chemistry is taught to better prepare students to engage with their world while connecting chemistry, human health and the environment.
  • Center for EcoTechnology (CET)
    Massachusetts non-profit organization that demonstrates and promotes practical, affordable solutions to the environmental challenges encountered in our daily activities. Provides environmental education and resources.
  • Carton Council
    Offers grants for free recycling containers to schools to start carton recycling programs. Contact Carton Council for more information. Also offers “Best Practices Guide” that includes examples of successful school carton recycling programs, posters that explain effective source separation for school carton recycling programs, and a “Model Custodial Guidelines” document that provides an outline for custodial staff on establishing a carton recycling program.
  • MassRecycle
    Massachusetts coalition of individuals, governments, businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting and realizing the vital environmental, social and economic benefits created by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials, and by increasing the utilization of recycled products. Provides recycling resources and links for teachers, students and parents and sponsors a recycling listserve.
  • Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA)
    A non-profit organization that provides cooperative purchasing programs, educational and networking opportunities, technical assistance and cooperative marketing programs for recycling. Their School Club has a multitude of school lesson plans, activities and links that are free to access.
  • The Green Schools Initiative
    Greenschools is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create Greener & Healthier learning environments through education and awareness.
  • The Green Education Foundation
    Provides educational resources that promote sustainable, impactful pro-green habits and practices in children, families, and communities.
  • Cradle to Crayons
    Accepts and distributes donations of coats, shoes and other items to low-income and homeless children.
  • Laboratory Safety Institute
    An international nonprofit educational organization for safety in science, industry, and education.

Waste Reduction

General Recycling
  • MassDEP Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Page
    Recycling, composting, reuse, hazardous waste management, electronics, green living, municipal assistance, bottle and can deposits, kids & teachers resources
  • Earth 911
    Find out what can be recycled in your community, locate haulers for various recyclables and other environmental resources.
  • EPA Educational Resources Page for Recycling
    A wealth of materials for teachers, kids, students, and researchers to develop an increased knowledge of recycling and other solid waste issues.
  • CalRecyle
    Provides tips and resources for setting up or improving district-wide recycling.
  • The Great Locker Greenout Toolkit
    An instructional resource developed by Mass Recycle for organizing a School Locker Cleanout Day that encourages recycling and reuse.

Composting & Worm Composting

School Gardens

Climate Change

Clean Air

  • Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)
    Project WET is committed to educating children, teachers and communities about water education. Hands on activities and lessons that teach important concepts about water and conservation.
  • EPA Water Education
    List of websites directing you to lessons and projects for an educator to teach about water.
  • Every Little Drop Counts
    This teacher’s guide is part of “Every Little Drop Counts,” a collection of education materials developed by Southwest Florida Water Management District that helps kindergarten through third-grade students learn about water conservation through reading skill enhancement and hands-on science.
  • The Watershed Game
    An interactive game for 3rd grade students and older who want to learn about the watershed.

Household Hazardous Waste



High School Students
Educators Organizations

School Fundraisers
  • American Paper Recycling – American Paper Retriever 
    American Paper Retriever, formerly Abitibi Paper Retriever, offers a similar service promoting recycling of paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles by placing bins, at no cost. Communities and organizations are then paid for the recyclables they, and members of their surrounding community, collect.
  • Bay State Textiles 
    Offers School Box Program to collect donated clothing, shoes, and linens to raise money for your school.
  • Recycle That 
    Offers collection boxes to collect donated clothing, shoes, accessories, and books/CDs/DVDs to raise money for your school.
  • Bag 2 School 
    Offers fundraising collections of clothes, soft toys, bedding, drapes, belts, purses, and shoes.
  • Big Hearted Books & Clothing
    Provides fundraising opportunities for Massachusetts schools through used book collections and provides free books to schools that participate.
  • Reuse This Bag
    Reuse This Bag offers an eco-friendly fundraising option… reusable grocery bags. The bags can be personalized with your organization’s name.
  • Mother Earth Fundraising
    Mother Earth Fundraising carries a variety of eco-friendly products to help your school or non-profit organization ‘Raise Money Responsibly.’
  • Let’s Go Green
    Let’s Go Green offers a fundraising option that allows students to get involved with helping the environment at a grassroots level.
  • Funding Factory Consolidate school fundraising programs under one roof by recycling empty laser and inkjet printer cartridges and/or earn commissions by shopping online.
  • Recycling Advantage Recycling Advantage is a program by Advantage Cartridge not only recycles but they have many programs for schools and non-profits to actually make money doing fundraisers.
  • Terracycle
    Earn money for your school by collecting used food containers.

Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Re-Stream
    Provides green logistics planning and advisement for commercial offices to reduce waste by incorporating reuse, repurposing, and recycling services.

Contests & Awards

Environmental Events
  • National Green Week
    Provides educational resources that promote sustainable, impactful pro-green habits and practices in children, families and communities.
  • Earth Hour
    Join communities, businesses and governments around the world by turning off your lights for 1 hour in March.
  • Great Massachusetts Litter Cleanup
    Keep Massachusetts Beautiful sponsor this annual statewide litter cleanup that takes place during April and May each year.
  • Earth Day
    Earth Day, celebrated April 22, encourages people from around the globe to participate in an environmental movement. Toolkits, media guides, teach-in/event registration along with many other resources can be found on the Earth Day website.
  • EPA’s Earth Day Website
    Offers many tips and fun ways to protect the environment and your health every day.
  • National Environmental Education Week
    Environmental events and projects take place each April 23-April 29, across the country in classrooms, after-school clubs, parks, aquariums, museums, and other formal and informal educational settings.
  • Food Day
    Food Day, celebrated on April 24, inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Offers a School Curriculumfor upper elementary and middle school students including five lessons with activities about healthy eating.
  • Arbor Day Foundation
    Arbor Day is a nationally-celebrated observance on April 24th that encourages tree planting and care.
  • International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW)The Composting Council Research & Education Foundation organizes the ICAW the first week in May each year. ICAW includes a poster contest and events to raise awareness about the benefits of compost.
  • Bike to School Day
    An annual event held each May to promote biking to school.
  • National Pollinator Week
    Celebrated one week each June, is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them.
  • Outdoor Classroom Day
    A global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play.
  • Walk to School Day
    An annual event held each October to promote walking to school.
  • America Recycles DayCelebrated on November 15 America Recycles Day is a Keep America Beautiful initiative, to invigorate and educate people to recycle effectively at a higher rate.